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Six vocational colleges from Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy and the UK carried out the ELOCASS project in the field of Hospitality and Catering from 2013-2015. The project was coordinated by the Käthe-Kollwitz Berufskolleg Hagen, Germany.


Trainee and restaurant service staff, teachers and representatives of the Hospitality and Catering sector participated in this successful project. The aim of the project was to develop the professional competence of trainees in the field of Hospitality and Catering while also improving their soft skills, for example, team work, problem solving, creativity and innovation. 


The project partners

Käthe-Kollwitz Berufskolleg Hagen, Germany

Kouvolan Seudun Ammattiopisto, Kouvola, Finland

ISISS BOJANO, Vinchiaturo, Italy

                                                  Leeds City College, United Kingdom

                                                                            Lycée des Métiers de l'Hotellerie et des Services Jules Le                                                                             Cesne, Le Havre, France/UFA Le Cesne/GRETA Le Cesne                                                     

                                                                             Egry Jószef Középiskola, Zánka, Hungary

                               Deutscher Hotel- und Gaststättenverband (DEHOGA)

                               Westfalen e. V.

                                                          La Molisana S. P. A., Italy